The discovery of these alternates planes was the greatest scientific discovery made in human times. Using temporal and spacial technology they were able to detect the energy signals of these other worlds and eventually look into them.

People spent their whole life studying them and found several things These planes were found to be different versions of the same reality but splintered in a long past juncture.

Planar Anatomy

Mundus Porta – <gateway>: The only way in or out of a plane. When inactive the Porta is completely invisible to anyone without a PCU. When someone with a PCU approaches it it reveals itself as a black wormhole into the Void. Before entering the void, it is required to use your PCU’s travel form in order to survive the hard conditions of the Void.

Anteris – <pillars>:As each world is varied so are its Anteris, these pillars act as the glue that hold together each plane. Each pillar is very much a actual pillar t

Animus – <soul>: TBD

Abyssal Teal: TBD

Planar Realities

Void Plane
Tierra Prime
Tierra Exitium






The repairs to the realm where coming slowly, PCU’s and their wielders would go a realm and stabiling


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