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  • Planes

    The discovery of these alternates planes was the greatest scientific discovery made in human times. Using temporal and spacial technology they were able to detect the energy signals of these other worlds and eventually look into them. People spent …

  • Void Plane

    h6. _Upon entering this realm, a unbreakable darkness surrounds you. Your vision is completely gone as this dark abyss claims all the light around as its own. There is no heat, no cold, no feelings at all as you float as if weightless in this ebon milieu_

  • Tierra Prime

    _Your home plane (in the past) , this is where you where born(will be) and (will live) lived your whole in. Its varied environs make it the most unique of all the planes. Where as all the other planes seem to be stuck in a certain way Tierra Prime evolved …

  • Tierra Exitium

    _Your actual home plane, as the plane vanished, you were brought 20 years before to attempt to correct the actions that threaten to end existence._

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