Plane Crash

In the far future man has used and abused technology. All aspects of the world have been bettered or worsened due to the constant use of their technological marvels. Life has reached a Utopian like lull as mans mastery over the universe has brought upon a new age of prosperity.

Man abused their technology by use of their PCU’s and were reaping their rewards.Scientists discovered a dimensional anomaly that began shattering their dimension. The people began to panic and turned to Planar Travel Syndicate for answers. They came up with a plan to save their reality, use the high tech Planar Control Units (PCU) to try to stop the crash that threatens their existence from within the void. The bad news turned worse as it was found that they had approximately 3 years to fix the errors that threatened their reality.

PCU Initiative

It became apparent that the few trained in Planar Travel would not be enough to fix the shattered dimensions that have been slowly vanishing for the last 100 years.A new initiative rises with a massive amount of Planar Jumpers that would be required to fix this devastation. Soon armies were trained and equipped with PCU’s to allow jumping into the Void plane and from there, all realms.


These armies of jumpers soon began the impossible task of healing a shattered reality. The process itself was not complicated just time and energy consuming. The steps would have the jumper first travel to the planet through its predetermined access point or Gateway.
Once in the planet the number one priority became anonymity as they hunted for the 4 Anteris of the plane.

The Jumpers followed a code of ethics dubbed “Pact of the 6 Planes” (later Planar Pact ) to a absolute.

Plane Crash